Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in PennDOT District 8

MPOs are the state designated local transportation planning agencies, governed by local officials and transportation entities, that plan transportation projects and allocate federal and state resources to implement the projects. There are six MPOs in PennDOT District 8. Each has a website (links listed) and most have sections of their websites that address active transportation (pedestrian, bicycles, etc.) Their meetings are open to the public under the Sunshine Act and most provide Zoom or other means to observe the meetings on-line. Dates of scheduled meetings in 2024 are listed.

District 8 Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
HATS-Cumberland, Dauphin, Perryhttps://www.tcrpc-pa.org/hats-about
2024 Meeting Dates
MPO2024 Meeting Dates (CC-Coordinating Committee; TC-Technical Committee, PB-Policy Board, ATC-Active Trans Cmte)
HATS-Cumberland, Dauphin, PerryCC 2/23TC 4/12CC 4/26TC 6/14CC 6/28TC 9/13CC 9/27TC 12/6CC 12/20    
YAMPO-YorkCC 2/22TC 4/4CC 4/25TC 6/6CC 6/27TC 8/1CC 8/22TC 10/3CC 10/24CC 12/5   
ACTPO-AdamsMPO 2/26MPO 6/26MPO 10/23          
LEBCOMPO-LebanonTC 3/12PB 4/18TC 5/7PB 6/20TC 7/23PB 8/15TC 9/24PB 10/17TC 11/19PB 12/19   
LANCOMPO-LancasterMPO 2/26ATC 3/14TC 4/15CC 5/9MPO 5/6TC 5/28MPO 6/24ATC 8/8TC 8/26MPO 9/23ATC 10/10TC 10/28MPO 11/25
FCMPO-FranklinTC 4/18PB 5/16TC 7/18PB 8/15TC 10/17PB 11/21       
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